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Rehearsals are well under way and our brains are FULL of questions! We want to reflect what it means to be a woman today and ask some good questions about that. Please help us.

There are questions posted in the character pages, MAIDEN, MOTHER and CRONE. Check em out. Would love to hear from you.



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The story so far…

Hello and welcome to the Goddess Blog!

We are making a new play with Strange Theatre called Goddess and we want YOU to be a part of it.

This is an experiment. We are trying to create an open theatre-making process so our work is responsive and instigates the conversations that are really important.

What is Goddess about?

It’s about being a woman in 2012. We are looking at three different life stages and the questions that arise for women as a young woman- The Maiden, a middle age woman- The Mother and as an old woman- The Crone.

What’s it got to do with me?

The recent public sector cuts in the UK are hitting women the hardest. Perhaps as a result of this there seems to be a resurgence in interest in women’s issues and people are starting to ask some important questions about gender differences in our society. Goddess will be part of a mini-festival at The Scottish Storytelling Centre which we hope will form a hub of activity around International Women’s Day. It’s a place to have the conversation. We want to make a play that reflects what people are thinking about female identity now and to do that we need your help!

So please comment away! We hope you find the questions we are asking important and inspiring and if you don’t, then tell us what you think we should be asking.

Looking forward to making theatre with you.