Rehearsal Blog- 6th February 2012

Things we have discovered this week in rehearsals:

  1. The Arts Complex where we are rehearsing is magical! If you wish for something to make your set out of, a man will appear with a trolley full of it.
  2. The company require at least one box of chocolate gingers every two days.
  3. Creating a fictional egalitarian society that an audience can really buy into and believe in is hard! It still feels like mumbo jumbo- stupid patriarchy getting right into our brains.
  4. The amount of tea drunk is exactly related to the amount of comfort breaks needed.
  5. Our play is funny! My tummy muscles were actually hurting after Tuesdays rehearsal.
  6. People are super generous- we made our sponsorship target on Sponsume- thank you lovely people!
  7. Gillian Smith is an excellent and ambitious set designer- great to have her on board.
  8. When Christianity took over in Scotland, people started hiding goddesses in songs, stories, embroidery and most famously Christian Saints!
  9. The Triple Goddess probably didn’t exist in this part of the world- bother. But there are enough clues hidden in the folklore to suggest that people probably believed in something very similar- phew.
  10. Patricia Monaghan is really cool and will share an abundance of useful information in exchange for nettle tea- thanks for visiting us Patricia.
  11. Stuart McHardy is also really cool and shares our love of chocolate gingers. His knowledge of Scottish goddesses is brilliant and he even helped us find a name for The Mother.
  12. When rehearsals are going well- eight hours feels like five minutes!

Thanks to everyone who has helped contribute to the blog so far. We would really like to hear your views on themes in the play. Why is it so hard to imagine a society before patriarchy? How do you feel about what it means to be a woman today? If there is a new feminist wave coming, what shape will it take?

Have a great week

Caitlin x


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