We are open! Has the world changed yet?

Just home after our opening performance at the storytelling centre and I wanted to write a quick post to capture the excitement of it all.

Before the house opened we stood on the stage and reflected on all the work that we had done. We were happy, excited, nervous and ready.

The house was almost completely full and I’m fairly sure they were the best audience we will ever have. They seemed to be with us with every moment and couldn’t help responding with sighs, laughs, claps, gasps! It was thrilling. There were some wonderful moments were you felt people in the audience recognise something on stage and that was really important for us.

Some of my favorite comments so far:


“People really liked it, and not just me,” (from my Dad).

“It’s got my blood boiling again!”

“I think men would really like this too”

Hurray! Really pleased with the response so far. Anyone see the show tonight wanna comment?

Bring on tomorrow- there’s a workshop, then a market, then a show! Woo!


Caitlin x



One thought on “We are open! Has the world changed yet?

  1. HI Caitlin – and Liz and Belle and Kari Ann and Suzanne,
    I would like to add some superlatives to the previous comment; Excellent. Great script/dialogue. Beautifully acted. Seamlessly directed. Never predictable nor cliched.
    Thanks for a great performance,
    Sophie Dow, who is firmly on The Mother Bus.

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