About Goddess

A rippling. There’s something bubbling under the surface. 

Set between two worlds. The first, in an ancient Scottish landscape of female dynasties and river goddesses; the figureheads of a matriarchal community face a changing of the tides.

The other, within a disconnected urban Scotland with complicated contradictions of female power; three women negotiate their evolving identities.

 The earth is trembling with the promise of a new wave.

Goddess is a new production which explores female identity in ancient and modern Scotland by looking at three prominant pagan goddesses, The Maiden, The Mother and The Crone and the life stages that these figures represent. The play is devised by the company and visits a matriarchal community at the very dawn of patriarchy in Scotland as well as three modern scottish women.


March 8th-10th 2012

Scottish Storytelling Centre,  43 High Street, Edinburgh


Suzanne Dance

Kari Ann Shiff

Belle Jones

Creative Team

Devised by:  Suzanne Dance, Belle Jones, Kari Ann Shiff, Caitlin Skinner and Liz Strange

Director: Caitlin Skinner

Music: Phamie Gow

Set Design: Gillian Smith

Strange Theatre Creative Director: Liz Strange

Fundraiser: Susan Garnsworthy

Photography: Kerstin Grünling

Support Us

You can donate to help fund Goddess by visiting our Sponsume Page here:


Thank You

National Museum Scotland

Scottish Studies Archive

Sylvia Waddilove Foundation

Patricia Monaghan


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