The Crone

Goddess will follow three characters in the past and in the present day timelines of the play. These characters are related to the Triple Goddess which is made up of The Maiden, The Mother and The Crone.

Here you will find all the information we are gathering about The Crone. We’ll be sharing some of the research and character development work we are doing on The Crone as an ancient celtic goddess and as a modern Scottish woman. Who is The Crone?

Photography by Kerstin Grunling


2 thoughts on “The Crone

  1. First Crone question:

    What is the legacy of that movement? How might those involved last time feel about what it means to be a woman today? How does it feel to see a new interest in Feminism today?

  2. The Crone in our play is a figure of wisdom in her neighborhood and people come from around town to seek her advice. One of the problems that has come a knocking is someone facing sexual harassment at work but this feels a bit to us like it has been ‘done’. Sexism seems more underground these days. Does anyone have any thoughts on how modern day sexism manifests itself in the workplace? Caitlin

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